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What to Do When He Won't Change

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Connecting Through “Yes!”


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Building Love through Better Communication: 5 Free Lessons for Women


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Back in the Picture: The Man's Guide to Better Communication in Marriage and Committed Relationships

Book: What to Do When He Won't Change: Saving Your Marriage or Relationship When He is Angry, Selfish, Unhappy, or Avoids You

by Jack Ito PhD, Psychologist and Relationship Coach

This 246 page paperback (or e-book) for women gives you specific, step-by-step guidance for rebuilding your love and your relationship with the most difficult of partners. These four types of men don't go to therapy, they don't tell you what is going on, and they don't willingly cooperate in relationship improvement. But, now you can know what to do to help this kind of partner, as well as yourself, to have the best relationship you have ever had.

Many of the most powerful interventions that Coach Jack uses to help women with difficult partners are available for the first time in paperback.

relationship e-book

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Wouldn't you like to have back the man you fell in love with? Wouldn't things be better if he would just make some changes in the way he treats you? Following the win-win methods and examples in this book, you can help even the most difficult of partners to change.

* How to make things better without threats,

* How to stop him from pushing your buttons,

* How to put an end to his angry and controlling behavior,

* How to increase his desire to spend time with you,

*How to get him to talk with you without fighting,

* How to get him to be fair about money, sex, and time,

* How to get his respect and be more important to him,

* How to help him be happier and more active.

* How to get back feelings of love, for both of you, and

* How to work together toward a positive future.


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